Portable Sawmill

portable sawmill

The mobile sawmill we use makes processing timber into accurate dimensional lumber and beams easy and without much loss, due to the thin kerf of the bandsaw blade. If the wood cannot come to the mill the mill must go to the wood!

We use a Wood-Mizer portable LT40 Super sawmill to resaw reclaimed lumber and saw fresh lumber. Final cant size can be 24”x24”x21’. Finished product can be anywhere from eighth inch veneer to 24” thick. The sawmill operates with two additional attachments: a Resaw attachment and a Shingle and Lapsider attachment. The Resaw attachment can resaw boards up to 4” thick and 12” wide into accurate 3/4”or thicker boards. The Shingle and Lapsider creates beveled siding as boards or shingles.

The portable sawmill is easily transported to onsite locations and allows homeowners to use their own timber to create lumber.