Forest Management / Beetle Kill

beetle kill

The mountain pine bark beetle populations have increased dramatically over the past few years in SW Montana, now reaching what entomologists call a ‘severe outbreak’ where even healthy trees are overwhelmed. This insect kills lodgepole pine, one of our two major conifer species here in Southwest Montana. Evidence of significant beetle kill can already be seen in all of our forests. The prospect of losing large numbers of these trees is alarming not only from the aesthetic point of view, but with the increased fuel load of dead trees on our properties the risk of wildfire grows exponentially.

Living in the Northern Rocky Mountains means living with wildfire. While fire is a natural process normally, many factors, but human and natural, are conspiring to make wildfire conditions the worst they have been in centuries.

Responsible landowners can reduce the risk of property loss and slow the spread of fire across their property through careful thinning in the Wildland/Urban interface.

We work with private landowners to manage for Mountain Pine Beetle, fire, wildlife habitat, forage and riparian health. A further benefit of select cut thinning is an on-site supply of timber. This material can be used in built into homes, barns and outbuilding with a unique homegrown flavor.